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Programa de certificación Six sigma Green Belt


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Programa de certificación Six sigma Green Belt

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Module 1: Overview/Define   (total 10 horas)

A. verview of Six Sigma  
B. DMAIC Methodology verview
C. Defining Roles and Responsibilities
D. Voice of the customer V C- SIP C diagram - CTQ tree.
E. Translating Customer Needs into Specific Requirements: QFD (Quality Function Deployment), level
1,2 and 3
F. Affinity Diagram.
G. Pugh Concept selection matrix
H. Fundamentos for process or product innovation: systemic innovation
I. Data management (data subset, stack, unstack data)- Advanced Pareto Chart  
J. Data measurement plan

Module 2: easure  (total 20 horas)

A. Process Map, Cause and Effect Matrix, FMEA  
. Basic Statistics and distributions (descriptive statistics). Central tendency. Normality.  
C. Skewness and Curtosis (descriptive statitics II)  
D. Histogram. Precision and Acuracy                                                        
E. Calculando el nivel sigma
F. Serial independence
G. Sampling techniques and sampling in class simulation. Statistical Inference.  
H. Measurement System Analysis: Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility. R&R supervised workshop.
I. Kappa. Kappa in class simulation.                                                                                                  
J. Process Capability/Process Performance (Cp, CpK, Pp, PpK, CpM)  

Module 3: Analyze (total 26 horas)  

A. Analysis of distribution. Distribution fitting.
B. Multi-Vari Studies
C. Box and Whisker Plots. Violin plots
D. Rolled Throughput Yield RTY
E. Scatter Diagram. Scatter matrix plot. Homoscedasticity. Introduction to regresion  
F. Pearson and Spearman correlation
G. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing. Error types 1 o Alpha and 2 o Beta.
H. Confidence Intervals
I. Parametric Methods: Analysis of Variance (AN VA), Equal Variance Barlett test. F-Test. Analysis of
Mean (AN M), T-Test, Z-test, Chi-Square, Power and Sample size calculation.
J. Cramer Contingency Coefficient
K. Statistical modeling for improvement: Akaike Information Criterion,AIC. Statistical Inference.
L. Basic Introduction to non Parametric test.  

Module 4: Improve (total 28 hours)

A. Weibull Reliability analysis. Kaplan Meier Survival Probability estimate
B. Failure tree analysis
C. Conceptos de D E
D. Introduction to D E
E. D E: Statistical Principles and Methods
F. D E Planning
G. Full Factorial
H. 2 level Factorials. Countour and Surface Plot for optimum design
I. Intro to Fractional Factorials
J. D E Supervised Simulation workshop (8 hours)

Module 5: Control (total 12 horas)

A. Control Charts all types. Rational Sub-grouping
B. Establishing Process Standards for Inputs, Process and utputs
C. Process sigma culture calculation
D. Developing a Process Control Plan

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